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Work shoes and boots must comply with the safety footwear standard UNE EN ISO 20345. This part of the clothing is intended to ensure the comfort and safety of workers.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021 13:11

What is water-repellent and what is it used for?

Water repellents are products that are used to prevent water and moisture from penetrating something, avoiding condensation and mould to appear.

Thanks to the Occupational Risks Prevention, many accidents and personal injuries at work are avoided. It is urgent to implement a culture of safety in companies, both in managers and in workers.

Health can have important implications for occupational safety. And in that sense, medical examination is one of the weapons that companies have to prevent occupational hazards.

Some jobs may have certain factors that are harmful to our health. Industrial hygiene, within the Occupational Risks Prevention (ORP) is used to anticipate the different damages that arise during the work activity. For this, the consequences must be identified, controlled and evaluated.

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