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Tuesday, 24 March 2020 12:06

Fal Seguridad: companies and volunteers join the fight against the Coronavirus

The business network from Arnedo and from other cities in the Spanish region of La Rioja merge together to produce medical supplies, counting with dozens of volunteers.

Entrepreneurs, workers and volunteers from Arnedo are manufacturing sanitary materials to respond to the current needs to fight against the coronavirus crisis.


In coordination with Local and Regional Administrations, dozens of companies have organized themselves into a help network counting with a production chain, assistance and delivery of supplies. They work shoulder to shoulder in order to manufacture and donate protection and hygiene materials, such as masks, gloves, waterproof and reusable medical gowns, goggles, shoe covers or hydroalcoholic solutions.


As an example that the union is the force, the companies involved are from very different sectors. Each company contributes how it can and knows, counting with the maximum guarantees of its experience and its position at the forefront of the Spanish industry. Hundreds of workers have also voluntarily joined this great project.


This initiative is the response to the effort that the Government of La Rioja is making to offer solutions due to increase of patients having Covid-19 in the region. Making the medical equipment available is now more needed than ever.


To give an example, during the past weekend, several companies in the textile and footwear sector from Arnedo and more than one hundred employees and volunteer collaborated in the production of a thousand reusable hydrophobic polypropylene gowns, coordinated by a company specialized in production this type of product for firefighters.


In addition to hydrophobic gowns, the Arnedo network of companies is currently collaborating on prototypes to produce medical caps, booties, leggings, high leggings and caps for surgical use. In the same way, work is being done to find fabrics to manufacture sanitary masks with all the guarantees. The design of prototypes, cuts and stitches has the supervision of specialized personnel from the Health Department of La Rioja, to guarantee that the quality and safety standards are the required.


We are all proud to share with the rest of the companies involved the possibility of contributing their experience and solidarity in difficult times for La Rioja and all Spain. This is the proof that if we join together, we will win this fight.


Fal Seguridad


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