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Tuesday, 02 June 2020 11:12

Fal Seguridad achieves a significant reduction in CO2 emissions thanks to clean energy

Fal Seguridad has included solar self-consumption to create energy and thus offset their Carbon Footprint due to their manufacturing process.


Fal, Calzados de Seguridad, S.A. has made an important step forward against Climate Change and in their responsibility with the environment. They have adopted solar self-consumption to create energy and thus offset their Carbon Footprint due to their production process.


It is important to say that solar energy is a clean energy that allows an important reduction of CO2 emissions.


It is important to remember that Fal Seguridad has been one of the first enterprises establishing an appropriate environment-friendly policy. They have a constant improvement attitude regarding sustainability and evolve towards a low carbon consumption economy. In 2012, Fal Seguridad made one important step in their environmental commitment and achieved the AENOR seal of “CO Footprint Registration”; this is a Spanish voluntary standard to create a strategy aiming to reduce and/or compensate CO2 emissions and therefore, it means an important commitment to environment.


Besides, Fal, Calzados de Seguridad S.A. have implemented and certified an Environmental Management System according to the norm UNE-EN ISO 14001, this system is included in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, according to the guidelines of the European Authorities. The implementation of ISO 14001 allows identifying the most important environmental aspects and impacts of the company, planning objectives and goals of environmental improvement, establishing environmental programs and defining their policies regarding the environment.


Fal Seguridad’s commitment is to compensate the CO2 emissions produced during their manufacturing process and to work in favour of the environment. Therefore, the Chiruca Forest was created in 2015 within the Project “Absorption Chiruca Forest” registered in the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Environment in order to calculate, reduce and compensate the greenhouse emissions and to contribute to the environmental sustainability.


Thanks to all this, Fal Seguridad has anticipated to any national or international regulation that may come about and before the market and clients may demand by installing self-consumption solar panels as a very efficient way to achieve the goals of emission reduction, not refusing to use and to benefit from energy.


According to the Spanish company calculations, during the winter months solar panels will produce 20% of their energy needs and during the summer months this quantity will increase to 37.5%, meaning an energy saving of 14% The increasing emission of CO2 has duplicated the preindustrial era rates and it is the responsible for the global warming effect. The temperature increase in the World has become one of the principal challenges nowadays for the international community. Therefore, calculation and reduction of the Carbon Footprint is nowadays a fundamental goal for FAL CALZADOS DE SEGURIDAD, who is convinced that the environmental responsibility has positives effects in their results and reputation.


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