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Tuesday, 24 November 2020 11:27

Calzados Fal and Fal Seguridad donate 4,000 pairs of footwear for refugees

Calzados Fal – Chiruca – and Fal Calzados de Seguridad, according to their social and corporative responsibility policy, have decided to join the solidarity days of humanitarian material collection in La Rioja region, organized by the Platform Welcome refugees La Rioja, for people seeking asylum in Greece and in the Balkans route.


Due to the hard humanitarian current situation at the refugees camps in Greece and in through the Balkans route, harder due to the recent fires in the Moria camp Welcome Refugees platform in La Rioja has developed a humanitarian collection days for the seek-asylum people that are trapped in Greece. This action has been organized in coordination with the website SOS Refugiados.


FAL and Fal Seguridad have donated more than 4,000 pairs of footwear that have been sent to Greece an Bosnia, where SOS Refugiados and No Name Kitchen will distribute the humanitarian material among the seek-asylum people at the doors of Europe.


Fal Seguridad


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